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Event formats

No matter the type of event, the team at JULS life science

has the expertise and creativity that will help bring your ideas to life. 

Read on below to learn more about the variety of events we design & organize.


Scientific & medical shows

Conference, Congress, Symposium

Workshop, Short course, Tutorial

Corporate meetings

Internal & top management meeting

Sales & Marketing Kick off meeting

Advisory board

Seminar, Workshop

Retreat, Bootcamp

Meeting Room
Online Tutorial

Educational programs

e-learning, e-training

Types of events: Services

Activities & settings

Variation in activities and settings improves participant focus and engagement.

brain breaks.jpg
Video Game
digital badges.png
Video Game

Brain breaks

Combine intense content-oriented sessions with short breaks to reset the brain

During the event, your audience will enhance its knowledge and network.

Participants can also take care for their mind & body, have fun, and learn new soft skills with short and adapted building activities embedded in the program.


Combine interactive tools and digital badges to improve the engagement

During the event, participants complete qualifying actions on the virtual platform using interactive tools.


Their engagement is rewarded with digital badges and even prizes!


Combine virtual and F2F meeting

in a hybrid setting

Participants physically join a hub close to home-base and will be connected to all other hubs worldwide with the benefits of:


Virtual meetings

• More productivity & time saving: less travelling time, no jet-lag, less time out of the office (and home)

• Reduce carbon footprint: the long-haul flight turns into a train/car ride​

• Ability to review content (recording)


F2F meetings

• Participants from the same hub can work in breakout sessions

• Workshops activities can be implemented in the program

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